Serving East Berlin, Abbottstown, Reading and Hamilton Townships in Adams County
and Paradise and Washington Townships in York County

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Meet Our Trainer

Hi, I'm Jenn and I'm thrilled to be part of the EBACC Fitness Center as the new Certified Personal Trainer!
I live in Dillsburg with my husband, two daughters and three cats. I am passionate about physical activity and have experienced many of the benefits of staying active. It's not always easy to stay on track but I'm here to help you maximize your effort in and out of the gym and keep you accountable to your goals. In fact, my clients inspire me to stay healthy as well!
The foundation of each personal training program will be based on proper functional movement. Functional
movements are the movement patterns we use all day, every day. Like, bending down to pick something up, reaching for something high on a shelf, and carrying heavy loads (like children and laundry baskets). Proper form and proper body alignment throughout the entire program will be emphasized to reduce the risk of injury and to avoid any muscle compensations. Your program will start with exercises that match your current ability with just enough challenge to
propel your body to make changes. As you get stronger, we will gradually increase intensity so that your body continues to progress and transform.

We can't overlook the effect that proper nutrition has on our health and overall well-being. I encourage a diet full of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. And occasional treats too. I am able to guide you into making some lasting healthy eating habits, one small step at a time.

Check out my website for more information: Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have! I look forward to hearing from you!