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Fluid Acrylic Mixed Media Abstract Painting

This unusual, fun painting course is designed to unleash the creative spirit in its participants, whether you are an experienced painter or seeking to explore the artist within. No previous art training necessary—no brushes! (Unless you want to try over painting.) Through diverse techniques and mixed media, you will produce unique one-of-a-kind miniature (or larger) works of art for notecards, desk art, wall arrangements, ornaments, easel display, and more. The sometimes bizarre techniques demonstrated include puddle, swipe, flip cup, dipping, under and over painting, cell creation and stretch, wandering tornado, tree and swirling rings, string pulling, acrylic skins, and other innovative techniques resulting in impressionist, realistic, and abstract art. Many of these methods result from experimentation--you are limited only by your imagination. Three-fold ingenuity is expressed on canvas and other surfaces, by color and media, and by naming your mini-masterpieces.
Supplies necessary to produce at least 10 paintings are furnished.